Welcome to the German & International Program at Tuscaloosa Academy

While the German students join the American TA students learning in English in most classes, the German Program at Tuscaloosa Academy provides special classes in German as the native language, as well as offering French and Latin. The curriculum meets college-preparatory requirements for the United States and follows the curricular standards set by the government of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Our small class sizes give us the opportunity for individual focus, as we hand craft each schedule to meet the particular needs of each student.


Our primary goal is to optimize the transition back to Germany and support our students’ re-integration into their home country and the German school system). In addition, we aim to provide in-depth language learning opportunities and advanced support for German students to engage and learn locally. Simultaneously, the German learners are building friendships and gaining valuable first-hand international life experience. We look forward to welcoming you.



For more information about the German & International Program, please contact

Mrs. Brooke Peterson