Tuscaloosa Academy is an independent, co-educational, college-preparatory day school with classes from preschool through 12th grade. In order to provide our community a superior educational institution and accomplish our overall mission, Tuscaloosa Academy strives for excellence in governance, administration, faculty and staff, academic curricula, extra-curricular activities, facilities and equipment. In partnership with the parents of our students, we endeavor to enhance each student's opportunity for intellectual growth, academic achievement, emotional maturation, character development, physical health, and the development of social skills and leadership ability to the maximum extent.


Tuscaloosa Academy combines traditional educational methodology with technological advancements and innovative teaching strategies to prepare each student for high levels of personal achievement at outstanding colleges and universities. The school maintains clean, safe and comfortable facilities where teachers and students cooperate to provide an environment that supports each student's opportunity to learn and emphasizes the paramount importance of academic achievement. Tuscaloosa Academy seeks to maintain an atmosphere of intellectual freedom where diverse ideas and life views are respected and may be expressed and exchanged in appropriate forums.


Tuscaloosa Academy strives to provide an educational experience which informs and imparts knowledge, but perhaps more importantly, stimulates logical thinking and creativity, cultivates understanding and wisdom, and enriches each student's appreciation and enjoyment of life.


Tuscaloosa Academy encourages high standards of mutual respect and integrity in all relationships and throughout all constituencies of the school, and seeks to enhance the development of character, honor, and moral and ethical values of its students.


Tuscaloosa Academy encourages its students to assume personal responsibility for their actions and to become active and responsible leaders in the community.

Tuscaloosa Academy endeavors to prepare its students to live and work successfully in a community of increasing diversity. It is our aim to have that diversity represented in our student body, faculty, staff, administration and Board of Trustees. It is important that our students be taught to think on a global basis. In keeping with this philosophy, the school welcomes applications for admission from all persons and adheres to a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, or national or ethnic origin.



  1. To provide a superior college-preparatory education in preschool, lower school, middle school and secondary school for students with average and above-average academic aptitude;

  2. To prepare our students for high levels of academic achievement at outstanding colleges and universities;

  3. To maximize each student's opportunity to learn and emphasize the paramount importance of academic achievement;

  4. To nurture and develop our students' intellectual curiosity, personal growth, creativity, imagination, leadership abilities and self-confidence;

  5. To develop our students' integrity, character, sense of honor, moral and ethical values, and respect for others;

  6. To enhance our students' ability to make thoughtful, well-reasoned, independent decisions consistent with their goals;

  7. To teach our students to reason, solve problems and communicate effectively in oral and written form;

  8. To maintain curricula which combine traditional teaching methods and technological advancements and which challenge each student intellectually;

  9. To prepare students for leadership roles in the economic, political and social activities of the community;

  10. To provide an atmosphere which is conducive to open and honest intellectual inquiry;

  11. To develop in our students an appreciation for the importance of personal wellness and physical achievement;

  12. To field competitive interscholastic athletic teams, and to teach good sportsmanship, teamwork, persistence, and the importance of doing one's best in the context of athletic competition;

  13. To develop our students' research skills and provide library resources which will enhance their educational experience;

  14. To offer our students opportunities for growth and development in music and the arts;

  15. To maintain multicultural representation in the entire school community and adhere to a policy of non-discrimination.

School Symbols and Colors