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"RANDOM" Scholarships

In my meetings with seniors I tell them all to be on the lookout for "random" scholarships that are kind of off-the-wall but offer money to students related to specific interests, affinity groups, life situations, etc. Here are a few I've found recently...

"A Voice for Cats" Scholarship Essay Contest

Are you a cat lover? Write an essay on how to best promote the humane treatment of cats for a possible $1000 scholarship!

"A Better World Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship" by the ChinaSona Foundation

After reading the book, Thiaoouba Prophecy also known as Abduction to the 9th Planet, write an essay about how you would like to promote a better world.

(*Disclaimer: This does not indicate an endorsement of the ChinaSona society or the worldview portrayed in these books. It is merely an example of a "random" scholarship.)

Action Track Scholarship sponsored by Top Work Boots

Could you write an essay on how good work boots could bring comfort to your work stress? Then apply for the Action Track Scholarship sponsored by Top Work Boots.

Bim Theory Scholarship

Have a great soup recipe? Submit it to be considered for the Bim Theory Scholarship.

And there are many, many more!

Such as...

The Asparagus Club Scholarship

USBC Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow Scholarship

Are you a male involved in competitive bowling? This one might be for you!

The possibilities are endless!

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