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Scholarships with December Deadlines

There are a lot of scholarships out there with deadlines between December 1 and December 31...too many to write about them all! Go to or College Board's Big Future Scholarship Search or other scholarship search websites and search for scholarships by deadline, then look for ones that might be good possibilities for you! (Go back to the September 16 blog post, $$$ Money $$$ Money $$$ Money for a list of good scholarship websites.)

Here's one that most anyone could do and falls into that "random" scholarships category that I've talked to many of you about...

The COOKING IT OLD SCHOOL scholarship! This would be a great one to do over the Thanksgiving or Christmas break (the deadline is December 31)! Ask a grandparent or other older person in your life to share some family recipes with you, then pick out a recipe and make it together. Submit a photo of the two of you cooking together and be entered to win a $2000 scholarship.

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