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Many colleges and universities have gone to using, or at least offering for use, The Common App for their admissions. With The Common App, students fill out one application then can have that one application sent to different schools of their choosing that accept that application. Currently, over 900 colleges and universities will accept The Common App.

The Crimson Chronicle, a monthly newsletter published by Crimson Education, a college admissions consulting company that focuses on highly selective schools (and, no, it has nothing at all to do with The University of Alabama), recently published the following in their Top Tips from an Admissions Expert section on writing a great Common App essay:

This month’s admissions pro is Ben Schwartz, a former Ivy League admissions officer and graduate of Dartmouth College. Here are Ben’s three helpful tips to help you ace your Common App personal essay:

  1. How you write your personal essay matters more than what topic you write about. I want to learn about how you think, what you value, how you act, react, and interact, as well as how you reflect and grow.

  2. When reading the personal essay, I am looking for self-aware and socially-aware students who will bring intangible qualities that enrich our community, whether creativity and a sense of humor or perseverance and concern for others.

  3. Be direct so every sentence helps me learn something special about you, and even when I read quickly, every word I land on makes me want to get to know you better.

Fun fact: Crimson CEO Jamie Beaton got into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, UPenn and more with a personal statement about flipping burgers!

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