School Symbols and Colors


Our Alma Mater - Midnight Blue

Midnight blue and gold we love thee:
We'll always hold our banner high
Yours the name that we will cherish,
Even more as time goes by.
When our years in school are ended,
Friends are scattered far and wide,
We'll remember old "TA"
With laughter, tears, and pride.


An Explanation of the TA Crest

Tuscaloosa Academy's crest illustrates the principles upon which the school was built. TA was organized shortly after the Kennedy Era, often called the days of Camelot in our country. The founders used the Camelot theme to symbolize their search for Utopia. The school mascot became the Knights, and our yearbook was named Excalibur.


The crest is made in the shape of a shield. The school name appears at the top. Oak leaves and acorns are centered above the shield to symbolize that "from an acorn, the mighty oak grows."  This is the hope for Tuscaloosa Academy and its students. The shield is divided into four quadrants. In the top left quadrant, the knight's head is depicted. The knight symbolizes purity and high morals. Knights were the guardians of the land in the days of Camelot. They shared a round table, signifying that they were all equal. Such is the intent at TA, that all students, parents, and faculty will have equal representation at the TA table. The torch of learning is on the top right side. It symbolizes fidelity and total commitment. The eternal flame that burns on the grave of John F. Kennedy was a possible inspiration for this part of the crest. The sword at the bottom left quadrant is reminiscent of the sword Excalibur from Camelot. It signifies victory and peace because it is pointing down. At the bottom right, the year 1967 - the year of Tuscaloosa Academy's founding--is inscribed.


The Latin words "lux et veritas" (light and truth) are proudly displayed on the school crest as the essence of our existence as a college preparatory school. The school founders embraced the goals of service and learning; they wanted TA students to develop good character and high morals.

School Symbols and Colors