TAKS (TA Knights Supporters)

Dear TA Parents & Friends, Tuscaloosa Academy Knights Supporters (TAKS) is the athletic booster club for all student-athletes and athletic teams at Tuscaloosa Academy.   We annually request consideration of your donation to help showcase TA’s student-athletes and provide meaningful opportunities where they can represent their school.  


Through your financial participation to TAKS, we are able to raise the funds necessary to support our athletic department.  


If you have been a sponsor or placed an ad in previous years, we genuinely thank you and ask you to consider participating in our 2021 TA Athletic Program.  If you are considering participating for the first time and need additional information, please feel free to email us at TAKS@tuscaloosaacademy.org Your advertisement showcases your business to countless TA families and fans while investing in TA.


Many families place a personal ad offering their support.  If your child participates in ANY sport at TA, we hope you will consider choosing to be a Gold/Blue Sponsor or placing a personal ad to say, “good luck” or “we are proud of you.”  If you are an elementary or middle school parent, you may not be familiar with this opportunity. Families may purchase ad space in which they include a photo of their child along with wording which offers encouragement or best wishes for the coming season. Students love to have their own ad, and it also makes a great keepsake!  


Please complete the attached form and return it along with your remittance payable to TAKS, Tuscaloosa Academy, 420 Rice Valley Road North, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 by Friday, June 11, 2021. Please include the name of the student-athlete responsible for the sponsor/ad sale.  This year, we will be rewarding the top 3 student-athletes, with sales greater than $3,000, a significant stipend to be used towards their Spirit Pack purchases.  


Recent investments from your TAKS donations include significant equipment and facility upgrades for soccer, baseball, softball, cheerleading, basketball, football, volleyball and the weight room. This coming year, we would like to be able to begin providing resources that will allow Live Streaming sporting events via HUDL.  We also would like to engage a digital media group to provide social media promotions, updates and results for all of TA’s athletic teams.


Can TAKS count on your support?   We need your help so that student-athletes at TA can maximize their potential and have the best experience possible.  Thank you for your generous consideration.




Ray Cole, TAKS President, 202-262-1024 (call or text)

Danielle McInerney, TA Athletic Program Chair, 205-826-1610 (call or text)