TAKS (TA Knights Supporters)

Dear TA Parents & Friends, 

Tuscaloosa Academy Knights Supporters (TAKS) is the athletic booster club for student-athletes and athletic teams at Tuscaloosa Academy. Annually, we request donations from individuals and businesses to help showcase TA’s student-athletes and provide meaningful opportunities where they can represent their school while learning the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.  

We would like to request your support. If you have been a supporter in previous years, we ask for your continued participation in our 2022 TA Athletic Program. If you are considering participating for the first time and need additional information, please feel free to contact TAKS at taks@tuscaloosaacademy.org or one of the individuals listed below. 

Please complete the attached form and return it along with your remittance payable to:


Tuscaloosa Academy

420 Rice Valley Road North

Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 

Please submit by Thursday, June 29, 2022. 

Please include the name of the student-athlete responsible for the sponsor/ad sale.  


Your support is vital to TAKS and the student-athletes at Tuscaloosa Academy. Recent investments from your TAKS donations include equipment and facility upgrades for baseball, basketball, cheer, football, golf, softball, soccer, strength & conditioning, tennis, track & field, and volleyball. 

Can TAKS count on your support?  We need your help so that student-athletes and athletic teams at TA can maximize their potential and have the best experience possible. Thank you for your consideration.   



Ray Cole, TAKS President, 202-262-1024, rcole@vsadc.com

Justin Smith, TAKS Vice President – Finance, 205-994-1735, justin.smith@cpsfirm.com

Danielle McInerney, TAKS Vice President - Marketing, 205-826-1610, mcinerney22@comcast.net

Emily Norris, TAKS Vice President – Concessions, 205-799-8563, emilybnorris@comcast.net

Leigh Ann Money, TAKS Secretary, 205-369-0466, lamoney@alabamapigments.com