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Preschool welcomes three, four, and five-year-old children to a vibrant and exciting environment, filled with hands-on, multi-sensory, and active learning experiences.

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Lower School children engage in traditional and experiential learning environments where instructional decisions are intentionally made to support the growth of students and challenge each appropriately while fostering a continued love of learning.  Students take a path of learning that builds on each of their talents and abilities.

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Middle School builds on the academic foundation students receive in Lower School and expands their education and encourages students to sample different experiences through academics, service, clubs, arts, and athletics.  The academic program is ambitious and is integrated with technology hands-on learning, and differentiated instruction methods across all academic content areas. Middle School is a buffet of experiences.

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Upper School students thrive with small classes, dedicated faculty and numerous extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, servant leadership, and clubs.  The college prep curriculum follows a traditional course of study while weaving technology, project-based learning, and cutting edge labs and classes throughout the academic program.  Upper School offers a wide variety of advanced core subject courses, electives, and independent study opportunities that align with the interest of students while providing a challenging and engaging academic experience.  Our college preparatory curriculum prepares students to find their “best fit” university or college.