Upper School


Here at Tuscaloosa Academy, our Upper School is…

A student centered learning environment that goes beyond the walls of the classroom. We believe in Old English word leornian, which means to learn through cultivating knowledge by walking paths of experiences. Every student has a unique path to travel at TA.  The faculty strive to help students discover and maximize their unique talents and goals throughout their years in the Upper School.   We provide many paths to success.  Here educators seek to know and understand our students as individuals and provide them with challenges, encouragement, and the support the need to grow intellectually and personally.  At TA, it is about the journey and what we learn and discover along the path.

Upper School students thrive with small classes, dedicated faculty and numerous extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, servant leadership, and clubs.  The college prep curriculum follows a traditional course of study while weaving technology, project-based learning, and cutting edge labs and classes throughout the academic program.  Upper School offers a wide variety of advanced core subject courses, electives, and independent study opportunities that align with the interest of students while providing a challenging and engaging academic experience.  Our college preparatory curriculum prepares students to find their “best fit” university or college. 

Alan Barr

Upper School Dean

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