Tuscaloosa Academy's Middle School consists of grades five through eight. Recognizing these years as the important transitional time when students learn to move from the elementary classroom to the changing world of high school, we strive to provide an atmosphere in which young people can succeed. We aim not only to provide an academically challenging curriculum, but to meet the developmental needs of our students. In other words, we strive to nurture our students while helping them discover their own identities. Together with our strong core subjects - English, math, science, social studies, and foreign language -- our enrichment classes in music, art, computer, etiquette, journalism, personal development, and physical education complete a balanced program. TA's Middle School offers the inviting, supportive, and safe environment so critically important for students of this age.


Our Middle School teachers have a strong sense of mission and value working with young adolescents. They are aware of multiple learning styles and use teaching approaches that reach all types of learners. It is not at all unusual to find a Middle School class exploring areas outside the classroom, whether it's a science class experimenting with Slinkys in the Atrium or an English class discovering the power of persuasive language in a Mock Trial. A walk through our Middle School hallways always reveals evidence of the latest creative projects. You might find posters depicting homes designed and drawn to scale by math students or displays on famous Americans from the American history classes. At TA, we work hard to create memorable learning experiences.


Our Advisory Program places each Middle School student under the guidance of a homeroom teacher who acts as a mentor. During the advisory period which meets after lunch two days a week, advisory groups explore a range of activities centered around topics such as decision making, goal setting, conflict resolution, cultural awareness, time management, and communication. Advisory teachers encourage their students to stay caught up in their classes and to seek help when it's needed.


Tuscaloosa Academy encourages every student to be involved in all areas of school life. With opportunities to belong to clubs, participate in sports, become a part of student government, and try out for theatrical productions, TA's Middle School students have a wide array of activities from which to choose. In short, our Middle School is a great place to be!


For more information about Middle School, please contact

Mrs. Brooke Peterson