5th-6th Grade Experience

Our team of educators work closely together to tend to the socio-emotional and academic well-being of each child. They recognize that these young scholars are ready for greater challenges and more freedoms while still needing close oversight and safety networks in place during these pivotal preteen years. 

New responsibilities

  • lockers

  • classes that rotate to expert faculty

  • personal laptops

  • new digital tools

  • communication expectations

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Enrichment opportunities

  • performing arts

  • digital arts

  • strings

  • study and research skills

  • tech skills/STREAM

  • visual art

  • PE

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​World languages

  • Foundations of Language - a linguistics-based class

  • Pathways to explore a variety of languages  - French, German, and Spanish

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New social experiences

  • middle school dances

  • overnight trips

  • school-wide play

  • Castle activities

  • Homecoming fun

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Explore our grades 5 & 6 curriculum

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