7th-8th Grade Experience

Language Program

The upper half of middle school provides an opportunity for students to further spread their wings. Teachers of these grades are all experts in their fields, holding subject-area degrees and often teaching upper school classes as well. In these years, the skills they began with baby steps in 5th and 6th grades take root and they start to see the fruit of their labor.

 Academic Opportunities

  • Expert teachers

  • Language pathways: French, Spanish, German

  • Opportunities for advanced math and language classes.

  • Honors Societies induction ceremonies for grades 7-12

  • Regional competitions in math, theatre, robotics, world languages

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Robust elective options​

  • theatre 

  • visual arts

  • digital photography

  • digital storytelling

  • designing thinking

  • robotics

  • computer science

  • debate

  • literary arts magazine

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Middle School Sports Teams​

  • cheer

  • football

  • volleyball

  • cross country

  • basketball

  • soccer

  • cross country

  • tennis

  • baseball

  • softball

  • track


Leadership Opportunities

  • student government officers

  • class representatives

  • castle student leaders

  • TA ambassadors

  • National Geographic challenges

  • Literary Arts magazine

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