Lower School Enrichments

Students in preschool through the 4th grade travel to other areas of the school for co-curricular enrichment classes. These enrichment classes are instructed by specialists to support and further enhance the education of the well-rounded student.



Students in 1st-4th grades visit the library weekly to integrate and enhance literature and research into their current curricula.  Library lessons will be tailored to the particular subjects the students are studying and will give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in their particular areas of interest within these areas.  In addition, students will begin learning the basic research processes with lessons focused in these areas.


All students in preschool through 4th grade visit the iLab. This lab features iPads and computers for weekly instruction. In the technology lab, students work together on various projects including keyboarding, coding, movie making, augmented reality, STREAM projects, robotics, and creative problem solving.


Physical Education

In Physical Education, students in kindergarten through the 4th grade enjoy the age appropriate playgrounds and a gym where they learn a variety of games that build fine and large motor skills, promote health and physical fitness, learn basic skills to how to play sports and have good sportsmanship, and how to be life-long active and healthy adults.


All classes go to music twice a week. This involves students in singing, playing instruments, and practicing for performances, all of which help build confidence and self-esteem. The preschoolers put on two performances a year and invite their families and friends to come, and students in grades 1-4 participate in a yearly theatrical, grade level performance.


All classes have art on a weekly basis. Students are taught to express themselves using a variety of art media. They may focus on a famous artist and learn the techniques that the artist has used in order to create their own art in the same manner. Or they may spend time creating seasonal art which makes things very festive. Finished works are displayed in the hallways throughout the Lower School.

Foreign Language

The preschoolers have Spanish class twice a week in order to develop a solid beginning foundation of the Spanish language. They sing songs, do fun activities, participate in cultural experiences, and begin learning the language.


Grades 1-4 rotate through four world languages to learn more about the culture, be exposed to the language, and develop a love of learning languages. They take a quarter of Spanish, French, German, and Coding each year.